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Signature Piece Necktie

A neck tie brings the suit together. A formal occasion needs you to be in a complete suit otherwise you will feel like you are missing something without a tie. If you are out shopping for neck tie you might be spoiled for choice because they come in different styles and colors. The main materials in the making of neckties are usually polyester or silk. Neckties need to march with the suit and shirt they are picked for you just don’t do it blindly. The colors of many suits are not bright so they will go well with neckties that are red, purple, coffee brown or other warm colors. The bottom line is that the suit to match your neck tie needs to have a layer feel. Dark color suits with light color neck ties will look good and dark color neck ties with light color suits will both look good. The principle of matching neckties, shirts and suits should not be more than three colors.

Shirts and neck ties that are light colored are suitable for the light colored gray suits. In addition to matching the color of the necktie with the suit you also need to factor in the occasion that you are dressing up for . If the occasion happens to be a dinner party or a festival , go for the bright colored ties. with stripped ties it become a bit interesting because you have two choices , British and American. The two styles differ in how the stripes move , in the American style has the stripes moving from the top left to the bottom right while the British has stripers moving from the top left to the lower right. A necktie to man is like a signature item, it tells more about the kind of person you are. It is therefore right to stress that you select the right kind of ties for you.

A short tie that has a large knot indicates that you are a strong man even without saying it. It is possible to tell if you are self-abased if you tie your tie too tight and with small knots. For comfort and to appear decent it advisable to tie the tie loosely for comfort and to appear decent as well. A necktie clip is an important accessory to have so that you can hold your tie in place anytime you are not in a jacket. There are many tricks that are used in the tying of a neck tie, you just need to make sure that you have a good length with your height and the right size of the knot as well. For the suits that come with vests , the tie needs to be worn within the vest. You can stand out for simply accessorizing your suit, shirt and necktie right.

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