All You Need To Know About Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo, it’s only a skin disorder. Most of the people especially those sufferers who aren’t aware of this disorder start presuming that it’s an incurable skin disease which has no cure. As per modern medical science, it’s true. Before you start taking any kind of stress, it’s important to understand a few things. First, there’s a hope is you opt for Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment. Yes, you heard it right! There’s a treatment for Vitiligo in Ayurveda. Second, it occurs when an impaired immune system reduces the generation of pigment cell in the body. When there’s decrease in the pigment cell, your body stops producing Melanin, another skin pigment and at last, it results in white spots on the skin.

According to Ayurhealthline, a renowned Vitiligo Specialty Clinic in Delhi NCR, many of their patients receive positive results only after a few weeks later their anti-vitiligo treatment. The recovery analysis is made with the help of three healing patterns. You trust your doctor is very important for better results. Let’s highlight their Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment in detail so that you can easily clear all of your doubts before the treatment begins.

1st Healing Pattern:

During this process, re-pigmentation begins where patients will see small brownish spots on the affected portion of the skin. These brownish spots soon begin to spread over the white spotted part, and start covering it with patient’s normal skin tone and slowly disappear the witness.

2nd Healing Pattern:

Here, the melanin deposition gets darker on the margins of white spots. Worried? Don’t worry it’s just another medical term. Although, the melanin deposition observed during the second healing pattern will start clamping the affected area by the process of skin re-pigmentation. Your white spots start to looks a bit like your normal skin.

3rd Healing Pattern:

It’s the final pattern where the area of the white patch looks pinkish, and the credit goes to the improved blood circulation. Along with this, melanocyte activates simultaneously which further help this pinkish skin to get your normal skin tone.

Through Ayurveda, it’s easy to cure vitiligo disorder. But, the treatment reacts differently to different patients. Some will start getting good results during the treatment while some will have to wait for more. It totally depends on the course of your spots. Thus, all you need to have patience and follow your doctor’s prescription carefully, as in many cases it’s observed that those patients who follow doctors’ prescribed special diet during their treatment witnessed good results on pigment restoration as compared to those who were only on medication.