Team Disappointment Strikes Yet Again

This has been one of the worst baseball seasons for me. The team that I root for didn’t even make it to the playoffs, and on top of that, I bet money on them on betting sites, and every time I did, I lost money. The only saving grace of the season was that I was able to win a bet on the championship outcome. At least that helped me make some of the money back that I lost during the season. Something has to be done about that baseball team, because they’re one of the worst teams in the league right now, if not the worst.

Sometimes I wonder if the team was losing on purpose so they would have better picks when the draft started up again. I don’t think a team would willing ruin their own record just so they could be better in the future, but you never know. A team would have to do it carefully to avoid being caught, as they would probably be penalized if the league found out about their intentions. For sure, we’re going to have an early pick in the next draft, and I hope the team can make good use of their pick, because they need someone who will bring them to a championship win, or at least a spot in the playoffs.

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