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Factors Affecting Habit formation And Changing Habit as Far as Health is concerned

For a person to stay in good health there are some habits he or she has to change and new ones that they need to form. If for example, we take the case of obesity, one has to leave some habits like eating fatty foods and start new habits like practicing diets. However, it is important to realize that there are hindrances to habit change and habit formation as illustrated below.

The first hindrance is the belief system on habit formation. There are millions of people around the world who are living in certain conditions of life due to their beliefs. For example, you will find that a person will say that they can’t lose weight no matter how hard they try and they tend to believe that they are naturally fat. In such a case, the person has already accepted that life without even making any change on their habits. Such people have to deal with problems associated to overweight since they stick to the same old bad habits.

The other problem facing changing habits is the education system. We need to understand that our graduates are leaving schools learning only to patch up someone. If anything different all they can do is to administer the latest treatment and medications to their patients without the right education on changing habits and good choices as far as healthy lifestyle is concerned. That happens due to the gap in the education system in the areas of wellness, nutrition and good health.

Thirdly, the other challenge lies in the area of technology. There is the need to know that technology have impacted positively impacted humanity. All you need to know is that technology comes to with symptoms rather than handling the root cause. For instance in the case of weight loss, people are being encouraged to undergo surgery to lose weight fast. However they do not look at the root cause to obesity and what need to be done to alleviate this epidemic.

Another hindrance on changing habit is the media. There is the need to understand that the main challenge to changing habits is the media as it focuses on two main organs that is the eyes and eyes. After we feed our ears and eyes with the wrong things, it will be hard to make changes.

When you realize that someone made a change that you crave for and got healed, it will motivate you also to go that way. The other thing is to avoid the many hindrances to what we focus to achieve along the way.

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