Why is Balance Training is Important?

Every body hears a lot about the importance of keeping your heart and lungs healthy, but most of us never heard about how important is to keep our balance system healthy. The balance system includes all the senses in your body that tell how you move, the brain that engorge on putting the information together and of course the muscles that control the movement.

Although it not look like this kind of system need practice, it’s just not true. Remember when you were a kid all the outdoor activity you did? Walking along walls, jumping, spinning and climbing, all of those are different kinds of practice.

On the other way, as adults we almost never practice our balance system as it needs. What can cause different health problems and of course makes our balance much worse.

So how can you train you balance system and keep it healthy? No need for handstand or other complex exercises

You can find a lot of different physical activities that will keep your balance system healthy. All you need to do is just practice moving around freely and increase the strength in your legs and body.

The training shouldn’t take a lot of time of your day. Just a few minutes once or twice a day will make a huge different, but you will see that when you start training it on a daily basis you would like to add more time and train even more.

Who can benefit?

Well, pretty much everyone! People of all ages and fitness could benefit from balance training. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can benefit from a healthy balance system. Balance system that is in a good shape will help you to move more freely and confidently, and will give you more energy and strength.

Keeping your balance system is extremely important if you are having problems due to illness such as joint pains, weakness or dizziness. Balance training could help you get back to normal and overcome the feelings of stiffness or unsteadiness.

Try to remember when you were a kid, what were the things you and your friends challenge each other to do? Things like “how long can you hop on one foot?” or “who can walk on the edge of the sidewalk the longest without falling?” You never called it balance training but that is exactly what it was. Activities like these helped you to develop your balance and stability.

Today any top athlete in the world is improving his balance and saying how much it helped them to improve their performance in their sport and any fitness expert will tell you that good balance goes hand in hand with strong core.

You don’t have to be the best athlete in the world to add some balance training to your workout routine. There are a lot of simple exercises you can do at your home or at the gym without any special equipment that will improve your balance.

What are the benefits of balance training?

The scientific word is: proprioception, but let’s make it easy, what it means is the ability of the body to interpret and use information about his position in space, that’s all.

By using a complex system of environmental feedbacks, cues in the bottom of the feet the relation of the inner ear to gravity and of course what you are able to see, your body sense what kind of muscles to activate or deactivate so he could stay in the position we want.

If you would like to improve your balance you can use a balance ball, or even just train on standing on one foot, walking on a small stick anything that will make you think and stay in balance, I recommend you to try yoga.