Nail Care Tips For Winters

When winter comes we make it a certainty to change our skin and hair care routine. But do you know that our nails also demand a different pampering session during winters? As most of us ignore this necessary care regime so we confront problems like brittle nails as well as peeling, chipping and cracking of nails.

Now you might be inquisitive to know exactly what needs to be done to ensure healthy nails during winters. Here they are for you. Read out!

  • Prevent over exposure to water

Bringing your nails repeatedly in contact with water is never recommended during winters. While the chlorine present in water has an all time derogatory effect on nail, in winters continuous washing of it with water washes away the natural oils present in them too. Eventually, the nails become dry and prone to breakage.

  • Avoid repeated contact with detergents

A serious warning for women who execute their domestic chores like washing and cleaning with their naked hands is that this habit should be changed immediately during winters. Basically, the chemicals present in the detergents have a drying effect on the nails.

While things are still manageable during summers when the weather remains humid, things only worsen during the winters when the climate becomes dry and devoid of any moisture. The nails get dry to an irreversible extent during the season of chills. Eventually, you end up experiencing problems like dryness, brittleness and peeling of nail.

  • Hydrate them frequently

Professionals at a reputed salon of Nail art in Kolkata suggest that a golden rule for preventing chipping and peeling of nails during the winters is to take measures that would replenish the lost moisture from the nails.

This can only be done when you make it a habit to hydrate your nails, nail bed and cuticles as often as you can during the winters.

For this purpose, you have to be a bit selective and choose a good quality hand or nail cream from a branded cosmetics manufacturer.

  • Pampering nail care session

Your nails deserve an overtly pampering nail care session at least one every week. For this you need to give your nails a hot water bath followed by invigorating massage.

Prepare your nail bath by taking lukewarm water in a tub to which you need to add some glycerin and few drops of lemon juice. While glycerin will enrich the nails with proper hydration, lemon juice will strength then with the supply of natural Vitamin C.

Give your nails an elaborate nail bath for five to ten minutes, then soak them dry. Follow up the regime by massaging the nails with cuticle oil and then wear mittens or gloves for at least an hour after that for best results.